Cimzia: Injection #2

Yesterday afternoon, I took my second round of Cimzia injections (the first three rounds are all 2 injections each). I fell asleep on my couch around 8, moved to my bed around 9:30, and woke up at 8:30 this morning. 

Obviously, I feel tired, but otherwise I don’t have any major complaints. I was itchy a few minutes after taking the injections 2 weeks, ago, and that happened again yesterday. I have a minor headache at the moment (2 weeks ago, it lasted for 3 days), but nothing that is impacting my day. 

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to try a drug that the doctor’s I have trusted for 3 years believe will be effective for me. I haven’t had an ulcer in about a week, and I am grateful to finally be able to feel confident that vasculitis is not wreaking havoc internally, as well. 

Hopefully, this round of injections is as easy to deal with as the last!